Many people ask me similar questions so i try to give the answers in a little faq. If you have questions that are not answered below please contact me.

Writing a support question or a bug report in the review section of the app store will not help me to solve the problem, rather contact me instead.

general questions

will you port your apps to android?

i am busy supporting all the iOS and Mac apps and don't have enough time to port any app to android, also because android apps are very complicated to maintain because of millions of different devices all with different screen resolutions, processor speeds etc.

why is feature x not implemented yet?

i am a single person working on all those apps and i try hard to listen to all user requests (by contacting me). there are various reasons i have not implemented your feature (yet):

1. i didn't have the time to do it yet.

2. i don't think it's possible.

3. i don't want to do it because i think it will compromise the overall design or functionality of the app.

what's the privacy policy of your apps?

read about it here. but it's simple: i don't collect any data about you. no trackers, cookies, etc.

gravity clock for iOS

Does gravity clock work on Apple Watch?

At the moment there's no way to create custom watch faces but as soon as it will be possible i will implement gravity clock for Apple Watch!

Can we have more numbers on the screen at the same time?

Unfortunately the amount of numbers that can be displayed on the screen is limited by the processing power of your device. The movement of the numbers is calculated by a sophisticated physics simulation which needs a lot of processing power. So the amount of numbers depends on the device you have. Newer devices show more numbers but without any limit the device would become unresponsive pretty soon...

Why is my clock slow or fast?

gravity clock uses the internal clock of your device so if gravity clock seems to be lagging behind please set your clock. Unfortunately the iPad in particular is known to be not very exact. You can set the time in the settings of the device. Go to the settings app click on "General", then "Date & Time", and then "Set Date & Time".

Is it possible to set the clock to show up at the lock screen?

I admit that this would be really nice but unfortunately it's not possible with the current iPhone or iPad system.

Why does my clock disappear and some characters appear instead?

You probably switched on Auto Mode Change so it cycles through the modes one of them being the Gravity Tweets mode which displays twitter messages or static text. You can either switch off Auto Mode Change or customize the twitter settings to display your own static text if you don't want to watch twitter messages.

What are those strange characters appearing?

What you are probably seeing is the Gravity Tweets mode which displays a twitter timeline, twitter search results (by default) or a custom text.

Why does the screen not rotate anymore?

In version 2.0 there's a new switch in the settings to lock the orientation called "Orientation Lock". Uncheck this option and the app should behave as before.

Tweets don't show up anymore

Please log out of twitter and back in at the twitter settings page of the app. This should help. If not please contact me.

gravity clock for mac

Can the clock be moved anywhere on the screen?

The app window can be moved anywhere on the screen. It also works in fullscreen mode

How small can the clock go (total window dimensions)?

It can be made very small (the clock resizes with the window).


Any questions?

Ask me.

RealBeat for Mac

How can I export sound files?

Just use the red recording button in the toolbar on the top right. Then record your performance and save it as a wav file.

There's also a way to extract the samples from your saved projects. Just right click on the file and select "show package contents". You should find your wav files of your samples inside.

RealBeat for iPhone & iPad

Where can I find the exported files in iTunes?

please check out this guide.