Play with letters and sounds, build acoustic machines, control morphing clouds and experiment with the alphabet!

Enjoy the sounds and shapes of letters by line drawing, physics simulations or acoustic networks in the four sound games included in the app.


ZKM AppArtAward 2012

for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Mac


    konsonant is an extraordinary exploration of letters, voice and technology by the media artist joerg piringer. Containing a suite of original music tracks (downloadable for free as mp3s) as well as interactive musical artifacts, the app is in fact a music album with conventional music as well as sound toys for mobile technology.

    Following the award winning success of piringer's app abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz konsonant is the next iteration of the artist's ongoing research on the potential entertaining qualities of letters and sound.

    • four different sound games
    • abstract letter graphics
    • physics simulation
    • includes 15 exclusive mp3-tracks by joerg piringer (downloadable for free, also here)
    • for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Mac